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We are 50, Fabulous and Finally Free! Two friends who have literally lived, loved and left incredibly difficult partners. It took a lot of blood, sweat, and tears but we made it through and out. Because of all the shame and embarrassment, we felt we went through most of this alone. After we reconnected, barely surviving the crucible of divorce, and decided we wanted to do something to help others realize they are not alone, we started this blog. We are telling our stories and those of other finally free women, with the idea that we can help people cope with their own situations.

Whether you’ve loved, lived with, or left a difficult spouse or you know someone who has, we hope you’ll find something of value in our experiences.  We have faith that others will feel comfortable sharing their stories through our page. Through the laughter and the tears, there is a common thread – hope. There is always hope for a better tomorrow and it is with this goal that we share these stories.


As we went along our new path we came across many different things that made our lives easier, happier, and more fun.  On our journey to rediscover our true selves and the things that bring us joy, we rekindled old interests, developed new hobbies and made time for ourselves. We express the theme of hope throughout our stories, because where there is love and laughter, hope will always live on.

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