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About us

We are two friends who met 17 years ago because of our children. We kept running into each other, same swim teacher, our older kids were in the same preschool class and we lived in the same neighborhood. If we didn’t become friends, things were quickly going to become awkward. As they got older our kids were admitted to the same private school and we were the closest of friends. One of us relocated to Texas and for 10 years we were long distance friends who were focused on our kids and our lives.


As our eldest children were finishing their first year of college, we got together to catch up and found that we had even more in common than before. We were both divorced and free but had gotten there only after struggles, sacrifices and pain - we thought we had lost the best years of our lives.


As we told our stories, we realized that while we had made it through and out – we had never confided in anyone, we had essentially gone through it all alone. We started talking and decided we had stories to tell, stories that might help other people realize they’re not alone. We are also determined not to let a number define us – “50” is whatever we want it to be, the best years are yet to come! We aren’t offering cookie-cutter solutions, nor trying to tell anyone how to live, we are just sharing our stories and experiences – we are 50, fabulous and finally free!

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