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Loving Being Organized

"A Place For Everything And Everything In Its Place"

-Benjamin Franklin

OK I may have lots of addictions but my label maker is a big one. When we moved four years ago, I almost panicked because my label maker went missing! I even went on eBay because the older model that I loved (and had lots of extra tape for) wasn’t available in stores. Luckily I found one on eBay which arrived the same day that I found my original beloved maker!

Label plastic containers and boxes before storing them. Label the inside ledge of a drawer or door so that it is clear what is stored there. You can use a label maker in every room of your house. I use mine for everything and I think everyone should have one.

One of my favorite things about having everything in my pantry organized and labeled is that when I’m entertaining it’s easy for friends to find things too!

Staying organized makes everyone feel better… RIGHT?

Label makers are available everywhere, but I have found that Costco has a great deal occasionally on a Brother P-Touch for $19.99 which includes extra tape.

Happy Labeling!

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