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Loving: Favorite & Most Comfortable Bra Ever!

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For me, not wearing a bra is not an option, but I hate bras! I have tried all kinds and I love the look of the lacy little numbers that you see advertised where the one that the model wears is probably a 32 A or B, but as it gets closer and closer to my size, it isn’t cute anymore and actually putting it on is almost as deflating as putting on a bathing suit!!!

Let me tell you about my latest find that I absolutely love! Ok, so they don’t look really sexy, but OMG who cares? Does anyone except for someone in their 20’s really think about wearing sexy lingerie anymore, ever? Even people in there 20’s think about comfort first, why do you think that LuLu Lemon is so successful?

These are without a doubt the most comfortable things ever and the colors are really pretty. The newest style, True Body with the lift is amazing. I don’t fall out, it doesn’t roll, it doesn’t dig in to my shoulders, seriously it fits like a glove and I love it - especially for travel! I liked the original True Body, but I really didn’t love the removable pads and am glad there is another option. I can’t say enough good things about these bras. FYI: If you refer a friend, you will get a discount. $44-$58

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