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Operation Gratitude


On Halloween Night, after trick or treating, my kids loved to look through their bags to see how many different kinds of candy they’d gotten. They would trade with each other or their friends and put my favorite candies, licorice and Butterfingers, aside for me. They were then allowed to eat as much as they wanted, after I had thoroughly checked it. They would over do it, but it was only one night… By the next day, they were over it, their bags would sit on the counter, and after a day or so, I would put the candy in the pantry and it was forgotten, that is until I would run across it the next Halloween! I really do miss those nights! I was so grateful to learn about a woman who was collecting and sending left over Halloween Candy to the troops! I actually started collecting candy at my kids’ schools and we would box it up, include notes of gratitude and drop it off. My kids loved the idea of giving their candy to the troops, knowing that they would love it! It made everyone feel good!

Since then, an organization was started that nationalized the collection. I was so happy to find “Operation Gratitude”, http://signup.operationgratitude.com/halloween-candy-give-back-map, if you go to the website, you can find drop-off locations near you. I highly recommend this as a fun activity with kids or grandkids. Mine loved it! It’s always great to find new ways to support our troops!

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