The Advent of a Loving Tradition

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Loving Tradition

When my kids were born, I started the tradition of having an Advent Calendar. The tradition continues on even though everyone is grown and it’s still a family favorite. I am currently looking for a second Advent calendar so that each of my children will be able to carry on the tradition when they have their own families!

The kids would take turns and everyday a door of the advent calendar would be opened; each day there would be a different small gift inside of the calendar. When they were little, it might have been a small toy, candy, or maybe a dollar or two, now it is a pack of gum, Chap stick, an ornament, a Starbucks card or “their” favorite a Lottery Ticket. If the gift was too large, I would put a little note inside sending them on a hunt for the item, sometimes leaving notes in a couple of places, they still love this today!

If any of you have any great ideas, please email them to us at, We will pass them along - I am always looking for inexpensive and fun things to set aside for calendar presents!

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