A Dyson That Will Blow Your Mind

Women using a Dyson Hair Dryer, 50 Fabulous & FInally Free.com

Loving Yourself

My favorite gift to myself is the Dyson Blow Dryer. You should add this to your holiday wish-list! I can’t even begin to explain how it actually works, but it does! It is pricey (at $399.99) but it makes drying your hair a breeze. It doesn't make the room or ME nearly as hot as other hair dryers (for me a huge plus) and with its high velocity focused airflow it dries my hair quickly. It feels lighter and leaves my hair really smooth. The heat shield technology keeps the surface cool. The powerful motor is tuned to produce one inaudible frequency and it’s surrounded by a vibration reduction system. A bonus, it doesn't have the fan, which would occasionally catch a hair making me panic, and all of the attachments are magnetic. Wait for your "VIB" 20% discount card from Sephora. Bed Bath and Beyond excludes it with their discount coupons. Nordstrom and Ulta Beauty have special holiday bundles for the same price that includes a cushioned presentation box stitched in purple, with a magnetic closure.

Dyson Hair Dryer, 50 Fabulous & FInally Free.com

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