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Carmenet Reserve Chardonnay California 2015

California State Fair Wine Competition Results

Rated 98


Best of Class of Region

If you are having a Christmas get-together with friends and they are anything like mine, they can put away a substantial amount of wine!

I have never claimed to be a wine connoisseur and am not ashamed to say that I am probably not very worthy of an expensive bottle of wine as I could always think of better things to do with that money than to drink it. I do however like wine and I do know what I like and don’t like! On a recent trip to the desert, I stopped in to pick up a few bottles of wine for a casual get together that I was attending. I had intended to buy a much more expensive wine, but the sommelier suggested this wine instead. At less than $8 a bottle if I bought six, I was hesitant, thinking “how good could it be?” The sommelier challenged me to give it a try, claiming that it was her new favorite everyday choice and that it would not disappoint! I went with her suggestion and served it at the gathering. Every person in attendance, wanted to know where I had gotten the Carmenet, and it is now one of my (and my friends) favorites. You cannot beat it for the price!

Wine Tasting Notes

Carmenet Chardonnay is a lovely straw-colored wine with hints of apple, banana, and vanilla. This opulent and sensual wine finishes with butterscotch and tropical fruit and ends with a smooth, crisp, enjoyable finish. Enjoy.

86% Chardonnay, 5% Sauvignon Blanc, 9% Proprietors' White Blend

Alcohol 12.5%

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