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It seems like every person you meet has their own favorite in this area and over the years I’ve tried some pretty awful “meal replacement” shakes – I’ve never found a better tasting or effective one than Shakeology. My personal favorite is the chocolate, but the Tropical Strawberry Vegan is also tasty. I like the Tropical Strawberry for the summer months when I can mix it with fresh fruit and literally have a different taste every day. Being a chocolate purist, I don’t like to mix a lot of things into my chocolate but I have friends who love it with bananas and strawberries. I even have one friend who puts in half a cup of coffee every morning to get her caffeine fix. It is on the high end in terms of cost ($129.95) but one bag will definitely give you 30 days of shakes. $4.33 a shake isn’t so bad when compared to one Starbucks a day! They’ve recently updated the flavors to include a green berry, which blends nicely with a variety of juices and fruits.

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