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I had never grilled anything in my life until moving out with the kids; and since they are carnivores and a baked steak does not taste very good, I had to learn. After a quick lesson from a friend (3 minutes turn 1/4, 3 minutes turn 1/4 again and then flip and repeat) I was getting by. That was until a month ago when that same friend told me about the Yoshi Copper Grill Mat! It made my days of burnt steak and chicken a thing of the past! It is suggested that you cook at a lower temperature which I have a bit of trouble controlling, but using my same cooking method above, it completely eliminated all flare up which caused my steaks and chicken to burn. It also keeps the meat nice and juicy, cooking in its own juices... delicious! Keeps your grill really clean. The mats themselves are not so easy to clean after a couple of uses, but at only $7.99 for two mats at Bed Bath & Beyond with the 20% coupon, it’s worth throwing them away every couple of times! Check Amazon for these as well, sometimes they’re priced as low as $4.99!

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