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Keep Your Personal Information Locked Down

Data Vault App, 50, Fabulous & Finally Free

Data Vault

I am a bit of an organization freak with very little memory. I have used a "password book" for years that I would keep hidden and have to pull out frequently to log in to various websites etc.

Not only was this extremely risky, leaving ALL of my personal info lying around all of the time, but if that little black book was ever lost, I was in big trouble!

Thanks to wisdom of a good friend, I started using the password manager called “Data Vault”. It is extremely secure and it will sync between devices. It has been a lifesaver! I don’t know about you, but I can’t tell you the number of times that I went to the Apple store because I had a problem with my phone and I couldn’t remember my apple ID password to back my phone up. I would have to go home, get the password and come back or lose my info. Now, I can look on any device and find all of my passwords neatly organized in one location! Thank you to my friend and thank you Data Vault.

The best $10 I have ever spent! Available at the app store.

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