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If you’re anything like us, losing your keys is a regular occurrence. A frequent complaint from my kids is that they are tired of having to help me track them down. The tile mate is the perfect solution to this problem. It’s Bluetooth enabled to work through your phone or tablet and also helps you locate your phone if you have your keys. (Another frequent occurrence for me is misplacing my phone.) My youngest daughter refuses to use a purse so is frequently setting her wallet down places and forgetting where she last put it, the tile mate has removed the stress from the “looking for” process and makes it a simple matter to find the misplaced item. The only hiccup that I have had, is if you have the app open on multiple devices while you’re trying to search for a lost item, however, simply closing out of it on all but one device quickly fixes the issue. Available on for $99.99 for an 8 pack or directly from for $100 for an 8 pack, this is an affordable lifesaver for anyone who needs help keeping track of his or her stuff.

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