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One thing that everyone seems to want to do these days is work out. Whether it’s to lose weight, gain tone or just to stay fit – it’s a trend we all participate in. The problem with modern life is we are all so busy with work, kids, spouses and other activities that working out becomes an afterthought. Aaptiv fixes this part of the workout dilemma. With this incredible app, you have access to whatever kind of workout you’d like. Whether it’s cardio, weight loss or just a quick dose of yoga, they’re all in the palm of your hand. The classes are structured by difficulty and time. My personal go to is yoga, I enjoy the tranquility and the stretching really helps my back. I usually go with the Vinyasa Flow and can do a class as short as 12 minutes or as long as 49 minutes. There’s literally no excuse to not workout! There are even options to train for a 5k or half marathon. The app is free through the app store and comes with a free trial, after that it’s $5.99 a month – which is a lot cheaper than any gym membership.

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