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Fact, as we get older, our hair changes and typically thins. This includes our eyelashes and eyebrows! BUT…

Today, there are so many ways for people to look better than ever and I am truly all for it!

I love the look of long lashes! Many of my friends have lash extensions, which look amazing and are fairly reasonably priced now, but for me that is not an option! I have tried it on two separate occasions, leaving a huge gap of time in between, but I am apparently allergic to the glue. The result, I wanted to scratch my eyes out! My eyes itched like crazy and my eyes swelled shut, staying that way for over a week! Needless to say, I had to find a plan “B”!

I am truly against tattooing eyebrows and eyeliner on as it is not only permanent, but I think that it looks exactly like its name. So instead, I started using Latisse, which works great for me. There are other products similar, but I have not tried them. My eyelashes grew back super long and thick. So long, that I actually had to stop using it so often as my eyelashes were hitting my sunglasses lenses!

I am not a doctor or nurse, so consult with one when you get the prescription for the product, but I wanted to give you a few tips that I learned while using this product!

I am a little sensitive to the product, so I use it at night and every other day or so.

I found that the applicators that come with the Latisse are way too big and waste the product. I actually use a really fine brush applicator from another product that I clean after every application. This works great!

  • I put 1 drop of the Latisse into the lid and dip my applicator into the liquid that way. There is more than enough for both eyes.

  • I carefully put the product right along my lash line avoiding the inner eyelid as eyelashes were growing where they weren’t supposed to be growing…oops! I also try to avoid getting it on my lower lashes, as they were getting too long for my liking, just a personal preference!

  • I actually use all of the remaining product in the lid on my eyebrows, which has helped to keep my brows full and thick!

Here’s to being 50, Fabulous & Finally Free with long lashes!

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