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Favorite Find:

LaVanila Natural Deodorant

I have always been a fan of natural or organic, especially with beauty products! I was not all that worried about going as all-natural as possible until I had children. After they were born, I became almost obsessive about keeping them safe and healthy.

Deodorant was especially concerning as the chemicals in deodorant, “Aluminum” to name one specifically, was known to potentially cause cancer and the last thing I wanted to do was expose my children to something harmful.

I have tried several, but this one has worked the best for me! LaVanila makes several types of deodorant, but I like the “Sport Luxe” the best. I workout often and since I am obsessive about hygiene, I couldn’t recommend this if I didn’t love it!

Available in a 1 oz (great for travel or your gym bag) or 2.2 oz sizes at Sephora, Ulta or

Bursting with breezy freshness, LaVANILA's invisible solid formula is infused with proprietary SmartSport technology to break down sweat molecules and deliver high performance, all-natural odor protection. Clinically tested. Dermatologist recommended.

No aluminum. No paraben. No propylene glycol. No harsh chemicals.

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