Run, Don't Walk To Get A Pair Of These!

Women's legs wearing tennis shoes. 50, fabulous & finally

Love These... My Latest Favorite Find

So... full disclosure, we never recommend anything that we personally have not tried and we receive zero compensation from any of the companies or products we write about! We just love sharing things that we love or that are great deals etc. (We would love for you guys to send us your favorites as well so that we can share with others!)

With that said, I have to recommend these tennis shoes and my friends that have rushed out to get them have agreed; they are sooo cute. I have paid $365 for AGL tennis shoes that are also cute, but these are every bit as cute and everywhere I go, I am stopped and complimented. My friends have had the same experiences and one friend even ordered a back-up pair so that when these wore out, she was covered! Hurry!

These Caslon Carter Sneakers are on sale right now until August 5 at Nordstrom for $64.90. My favorites are the pink & floral. Let me know how much you like them!

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