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I am probably one of the world’s worst travelers.

I am terrible at packing, I am a germaphobe & hate crowds – add to that I am always running late - even to catch a flight!

My saving grace is my Global Entry pass. This is a pass that as long as there is a TSA pre-check line, gives you immediate TSA pre-check for all flights when you enter your Global Entry number when making your reservation.

There are other options like Clear, or standard TSA Pre-check. Both of these options are better than simply taking your chances with airport security, or arriving 4 hours early for your flight to make sure you can get through security and not miss your flight. The issue with Clear is that it is a relatively new company and isn’t yet available at all airports. If they are in place at your home airport where you fly out of frequently, it might work for you but with the $129 price tag, it is definitely a costly option. TSA Pre-check is more widely available and cheaper at $85 and allows access at most airports where TSA pre-check is available. By contrast Global Entry allows for expedited entry through customs when returning to the U.S. from international destinations, while also allowing the same benefits of TSA pre-check for just $15 more. Both last for five years. My experience with the Global Entry pass has been flawless and has worked at almost every airport I’ve traveled through.

Make sure to follow all directions correctly. The cost when I last checked was $100. Please allow 4-6 weeks for approval - so don’t procrastinate until it is too late!

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